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Hi everyone my name is Amena!!♥ How are you all doing?? Hope you all are doing good!!

Today I am here to write somethings on Buy Me a Coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee is the best way for creators and artists to accept support and membership from their fans. Now of course it's not actually a cup of coffee it's just a standard donation but, buying someone a cup of coffee it's really nice, chilled out, relaxed, informal way of saying thank you and showing support.

Also if we found someone really important or helpful we can give them several coffees.

If you want to make an account on Buy Me a Coffee so you can- Buy Me a Coffee

Important point☕

So If you guys want some free coffees so Buy Me a Coffee is having some deals!!!

  • Tweet or share on your socials about your experience with Buy Me a Coffee. We'll add you to our Twitter wall of love too!
  • Publish a YouTube video about how you use Buy Me a Coffee. Don't forget to add the invite link in the descriptions like Alex did.

  • Use the invite link on your newsletter or email campaigns.

  • Write a blog post introducing Buy Me a Coffee. If you do this, please tweet us at @buymeacoffee and email us.We'll buy you a bunch of coffees ourselves! 🙂

Buy Me a Coffee be like: 😆




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Literally @buymeacoffee is so good!!!!!🌎

Thank you all for reading my blog post!!♥