My Journey Of 2022 🎊 "Dev Retro 2022"

My Journey Of 2022 🎊 "Dev Retro 2022"

Dec 10, 2022Β·

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Heyy Developers!! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

How are you all doing?! Hope you all are doing Great!!πŸ˜‰

So, 2023 is almost there!!πŸ–€

So, I wanted to share my journey with you guys!! Let me tell you all one thing currently I'm learning Frontend Development....πŸ˜‰ And I am a Beginner too and my passion is to "TEACH" what I learned!!

And "Dev Retro 2022" has organized this FABULOUS HACKATHON this is not only a hackathon, But it is an opportunity for all of us to share our Journey and Experiences!πŸ’Ž

Now let's come to the Journey! ❀

My Python Journey...πŸ†

I started my journey with "PYTHON"🐍

So, as you all know 'Python' is really a very interesting programming language and in my opinion, a beginner in programming should start with Python! 🐍

I have also written an article on Python basics you can visit it from Here

I started learning Python with a course in sololearn

Trust me guys sololearn is the best for learning Python for beginners! And it includes 45-50 lessons!!πŸ–€ It also includes many challenges and tests! When we complete the course, we are provided a Certificate!

And also, while doing the course there were so difficulties that I faced as a beginner and I used to cry sometimes when I wasn't getting the solution!!πŸ˜… But my brother Usman, helped me so much!

Currently, he is having 2.6k+ Subscribers on YouTube!

Subscribe to his channel ! : Max Programming He is my Inspiration, He is my Guider, and He is the best! 🀍

While doing the course I used to make Handwritten notesπŸ“

Who agrees that writing is best way of learning anything!

Then I completed the course in something 1 and a half months, The Experience was Awesome! 😊

Here's my Certificate!


And of course, I was so happy about it!!πŸ˜€

But my Mom and Dad were happier than me! So, my Father Framed my life's first achievement!

This is one of my room's walls 😍


So, That's all about my Python Journey!

Now let me tell you guys what I did ahead...

My JavaScript Journey...🎁

So, after my Python Course, I started doing HTML but It was not that much interesting for me in the beginning, I thought I should start learning JavaScript Basics on freecodecamp!!πŸ’Ž

I started a JS course on YouTube and you can visit the video here: freecodecamp JS course.

Just trust me it is an Amazing experience doing that course, also it is 3 and a half hour course but I have not completed it yet, Because while learning I started writing some blog posts on JavaScript for Beginners and I have also done a challenge which is made by me only😁

That is the #7Days7Blogs challenge! πŸ”₯ I have written 7 articles and the purpose of writing them was to teach every newbie in JavaScript, there are 7 Parts of JS, and I posted them on myTwitter account πŸ‘ˆhere you can visit all my 7 articles!

After doing the challenge I started completing the freecodecamp's course again and while doing that course I started writing again and I have written 2 more parts! This means that I have written 9 articles for Beginners like me!!

So that's all guys for my JavaScript Journey now I will continue with my Blogging journey! πŸ‘‡

My Blogging Journey...πŸ’Ž

So, you know I started HTML too! But that will talk about later.

My blogging journey started when Hashnode was having a Wonderful Hackathon on #4weeks4articles! I wrote my first article on "August 24, 2022" And it was an amazing starting for me!

After that, I wrote my remaining 3 articles for 3 weeks... You can visit my all 4 articles here:

First article

Second article

Third article

Fourth article

So, basically, Hashnode has encouraged me to start blogging...

Now, when it comes to the Thumbnail for the article I used to put it by Unsplash coz I wasn't having that much knowledge of Thumbnails!

I didn't get the chance to win the Hackathon but, I was thankful that my blogging is already started!

And after the hackathon, I was again focused on learning to code!!πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Now I have already written 17 Blog posts!

From the 7th article, I made all the Thumbnails by myself on Canva because I don't want my thumbnails to be boring or commonly used... Then finally I got interested in "Graphic Designing"❀ And in the future, I'll do Graphic Designing too because It's so fun!

In my 5th article, I have given some information about Buy me a coffee You can check it out here: Buy me a coffee

Now, let's come to my 6th article... Actually, my sixth article was on the basis of the History of HTML and its basic syntax! You can visit my HTML article here: My 6th article.

Now the best thing arrives!! So, as you all know that I have successfully completed my Challenge of 7Days7Blogs challenge...🎊

And from my 7th article to my 13th article I have written 1 article on each day till 7 days! That was the best thing I have ever achieved! 😎

Now, I have written 7 different parts of JavaScript for Beginners and these were my 13 articles! And In my 14th and 15th articles, I have continued my Part-8 and Part-9 for JS!

In my 16th article, I have written about how to make a Basic Calculator In JavaScript (In 4 minutes) And In my 17th article which is my latest one, I have written about While Loops In Python!! ➿

So, that's all about my Blogging Journey and this is my 18th article!! And in future I will try my best to be a developer! ❀

Now, Let's come to my HTML journey! πŸ‘‡

My HTML and CSS Journey...πŸ‘‘

So after Python basics, I started learning HTML too from the same site, but the knowledge of HTML was kind of old and the Experience was not that good! πŸ‘Ž

So my brother suggested me to do the "Crash Course" of HTML by The Net Ninja

And I must say that The Net Ninja's crash course was Amazing! 😍

And after that, I learned JavaScript as I told you before! Then for something 1 month I have done JS!!

Then I started HTML and CSS course by Scrimba

And finally, I got the Interest in HTML and CSS life's best experience when it comes to code in Scrimba!😍

And I have completed the course of HTML and CSS, the teacher is Per Harald Borgen!!


Scrimba's course motivated me to do frontend development and I Thank scrimba for teaching me this fabulous course! Between the course, I was doing some kind of projects like I made the Bakery ShopπŸ‘‡


But in this projectπŸ‘† I was not knowing anything about CSS flexbox but my friend Zainab Nisa taught me about that!!

And my one more closest friend MISS CREATIVE she is also my Bestie!

I also tried to make the Toys shopπŸ‘‡ With HTML and CSS but for just practice!!


Then I made this πŸ‘‡Twitter Shining Stars!!πŸŽ‡


Then my biggest project was the Birth Month Card for my twitter family!



So, that's all about my HTML and CSS journey and experiences!!

Best platforms for learning to code! 😎

  1. Scrimba

  2. sololearn

  3. ProgrammingWithHarry[IN engish]

  4. Code with Harry.(IN hindi)

  5. Telusko

  6. codeSTACKr

  7. The net ninja

  8. Max programming (My brother's channel...)

  9. Code Arena(My channel)

Thank you so much for reading my Journey!!

Motivation for today: "Work in Silence and let your Success make noise!!"

And I wish all the very best for your journey in coding!!πŸ˜‰

And I'll see you all in the next one till then See Ya! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ