Most helpful sites when stuck as a developer!

Aug 28, 2022Β·

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Heyy Developers!!πŸ‘‹

How are you all doing!! Hope you all are doing good.πŸ”₯

So, Today I am here to talk about : That when I am stuck on a problem, what do I do!

Basically when I am having a problem on the basis of any languages I just search on google and if I am not getting any thing which can help me, I search on YouTube.

Like I am having a doubt in python about while loops!! As they are so much confusing for me but I am improving myself!!πŸ˜„

On YouTube I will suggest You all some channels:

1) Code with harry (In Hindi)

2) Telusko

Or I just ask on MY Twitter Account

Now let's come to the problem-solving part:πŸ˜€

So first of all when we're getting any kind of problem about any language or something else, first of all we just need to relax!!πŸ˜‡ And when I was getting any problem about any language so my brother helped me or I just research about the doubt. And my biggest help was sololearn. Or Code with harry.

Lemme suggest one online platform that is used mostly by me: Scrimba Scrimba is one of the most used platforms by developers. Like if we are having any kind of doubt about a topic of HTML, so there are so many courses on scrimba. Like: Python full course , HTML full course , CSS , Javascript, etc... .

And trust me guys Scrimba is the best app for beginners like me!! and I have learned HTML from Scrimba and the YouTube channel of -->The net ninja. and also I am currently learning Javascript and CSS because I wanna be a professional web developer. Also, I want that I can teach anyone by my own and help people, solve their doubts, and problems. For me being a developer is not much important it's important to teach anyone!!πŸ™‚ I just thought that again and again and now I am having my own YouTube channel:-->Code Arena.

So websites and any problem-solving things that I use:

  1. Scrimba

  2. sololearn

  3. ProgrammingWithHarry[IN engish]

  4. Code with Harry.(IN hindi)

  5. Telusko

  6. codeSTACKr

  7. The net ninja

  8. Max programming (My brother's channel...)

  9. Code Arena(My channel)

So, that's all guys!!

I wish you all the very best for your future!β™₯

Love youu all!🌎